Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Mommy take pants off"

In honor of the big race this coming Sunday (NYC Half Marathon), I decided a trip to the store was in order so I could get a new running outfit. As I browsed the racks, my daughter pointed out all the different types of clothing ("socks! pants! shirt!"). It was ridiculously funny. I picked out a pair of shorts, a pair of capri pants, and a long-sleeved shirt. It was time to head to the changing room.

Mistake #1: calling it a changing room. I  should have just said "fitting room" instead. Oh well. My daughter kept insisting, "NO! I don't need a diaper change!" the whole walk to the "changing room". Once she was calmed down and realized we were not, in fact, changing a diaper, she was all smiles again. I pushed the cart into the family changing room (which was wonderful...the whole cart fit inside, along with the toddler, infant, diaper bag, and myself.)

Mistake #2: Letting the toddler get out of the cart. I thought this was a great idea. Give her time to run around (she couldn't get out of the changing/fitting room), while I tried on some new clothes. As soon as she saw me take off my pants, she started saying, "Mommy take pants off! Mommy take pants off!" very loudly. I couldn't do anything but laugh. I am almost certain everyone else in the changing room was laughing too. She then proceeded to take her own pants off. And run around the changing fitting room in just a diaper. Oh boy. Hey, at least she was contained to a small room!

I did end up scoring a cute new pair of running shorts, a pair of capri pants, and a sweet long sleeved shirt (which was on clearance for $9!). A successful shopping trip, in more ways than one. Both kids slept the whole way home.

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